Media Interviews and Coverage

"Communicating within and about science in a fashion that honors its norms and ways of
knowing plays a role in warranting the ability of science to serve as a privileged source of
premises, evidence, and conclusions in public and policy debates and decisions."


(Dr. Kathleen Hall Jamieson)

The following is a list of media interviews, appearances, or discussions of my work: 

(Click on the outlet name for link)

USA Today (2020). On misinformation and conspiracy theories


Philadelphia Inquirer (2020): On the Russian interference with the 2020 elections 


ProPublica (2020): On misinformation on Talk Radio


Buffalo Channel 4 News (2020): On the media coverage of Coronavirus (COVID19)

The Inverse (2020). On communicating scientific uncertainty during COVID19


The Washington Times (2020): On scientific uncertainty during COVID19


The Washington Times (2020): On information sources during epidemics


The Washington Times (2020): On emerging data during crises


PopSugar. On conspiracy theories


WKBW-ABC7 Buffalo (2020). On misinformation during social unrest

NPR WBFO (2020). On misinformation during epidemics and social protests


The Daily Dot (2020): On racism on TikTok (2020). On vaccine communication


Newsweek (2019):


The Conversation (2018, Republished in On the coverage of epidemics in the media


High Country News (2018): On health communication

Inside Science (2018): On misinformation around epidemics

EurekAlert (2018): On vaccine misinformation


Futurity (2018): On Zika vaccines


ScienceDaily (2018): On vaccine misinformation


ScienceDaily (2016): On graphic warning labels on tobacco packages

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